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To be calm and confident under pressure requires practice. To achieve success from a weak position requires skill , experience and practice.  To get to know the real strength of your game requires practice.

We have developed Sharppractices to provide professional negotiators a facility to practice, with expert coaching.

  • Tighten up Preparation and Planning Disciplines

  • Sharpen up all your Negotiating Skills

  • Improve your Listening and Understanding

  • Practise constructing and Presenting Proposals

  • Develop Strategic and Tactical options and awareness

  • Review and build your fund of Trading Variables

  • Plan Contingencies and review Options when a deal is not possible

  • Be aware of habits that might influence your Performance

  • Increase Creativity

  • Be Confident Under Pressure

  • Practise Team Disciplines and ensure each member fully

  • understands each role

  • Provide Cost Effective approach to Continuing Professional Development

You can book in for a morning, afternoon, evening or the whole day

If you are already a client, or have staff who have attended other basic and advanced negotiating training courses, why not refresh your teams and leaders with some competitive Sharppractices in house?

To find out more mail us at:

or call on 01304 852390

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Sharp Negotiation Skills Practice

call on 01304 852390

"Poised, Savoir-faire, professionalism - seemed to "know his onions" - Great explanations from past experience & particularly relevant to our business."
HR Specialist, International Newspaper Group