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Negotiation Skills have never been more important..

Scott Roberts Negotiating, the highly respected and successful negotiation training consultancy, is a leader in this critical field..

For many years our expertise has been considered amongst the very best anywhere in the World. Many thousands of professional negotiators have benefited from attending our events. Indeed other leading  consultancies and training companies use our expertise to train, support and audit their own  staff.

Our success is based on genuine, first hand experience of successful but very tough negotiations. Anyone can negotiate with a strong hand, but it is the few of us who have the mastery to play weak hands well and to maximum effect.

This means that we offer to you:

  • Proven successful expert negotiators who know how to deal with the most difficult situations when the cards are stacked against you.

  • Someone who actually  listens to your needs. We make sure we understand your requirements and we deliver solutions to meet these needs in the most effective and practical way.

  • Each project will be carried out with sensitivity and flexibility to produce the measurable results you and your organisation require.

  • We provide a high quality service and work constantly to maintain and improve it.

  • Our clients trust us, knowing that we have the integrity to ensure they will be looked after throughout by one expert contact to guarantee continuity.

Our portfolio of negotiating skills programmes:

  • Corporate Leadership and Strategic Development

  • Procurement

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Employee Relations and Human Resource Management

  • Productivity Bargaining

  • Pay and Conditions

  • New Working Practices, Technology, Procedures

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Change Management

  • Mergers  and Acquisitions

  • Managing Corporate Culture

  • Understanding and Practising Mediation

If you are looking for sustainable improvements in negotiating performance for those staff who matter in your organisation then we are interested in working with you.

We Deliver:

Advanced Negotiation Skills Development - Two and Three Day events with Follow Ups which build on basic knowledge and elevate performance to a professional level.

Special In-House Workshops & Masterclasses

Negotiating Sharppractices - Regular Short Sharp  Events to hone your Skills. Be ready for that next high pressure deal.

Individual and Team Assessment Centres to develop Continuing Personal Development Programs.

Strategic and Tactical Master Classes for specific situations.

Mediation Development Workshops

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Advanced Negotiation Skills Training


"In short, the course was fantastic. It definitely met my expectations and Iíve learnt a number of things that will greatly help with my everyday negotiations (whether external, internal, work or life related)."

"I found the course really insightful, the method of recording & reviewing how our negotiation skills develop over the two days was extremely helpful. I identified what I was doing wrong & developed my techniques to improve over the course."

 "It is rare to attend a course that gives such a sense of engagement and personal development. I look forward to practising and will be in touch with any interesting battle stories!"

"you have proven to be one of the best and most engaging trainers that I have ever experienced."

"I thank you for an outstanding presentation. I have been in a sales or marketing capacity since 1975. Just like Beethoven's Sixth Symphony it is good to experience the best." -
Senior Sales Executive, NY, USA.

"Superb negotiator. Shared personal experiences. Explained everything clearly and concisely. Very good teacher."
Business Development Manager, FMCG, UK.